"Live Your Dreams"


"Brett Travis combines the soulful emotional power of Heath Ledger and the sexy rock edge of Adam Pascal with the laidback big-hearted playful nature of Matthew McConaughey to create an exciting bold performer who will blow audiences away."

-Jodie Bentley and Kevin Urban of "The Savvy Actor"

Brief-ish Biography:

Brett was born and raised in Mahopac, NY, a small town about 50 miles north of Manhattan. Brett was the 2nd of three children, followed almost immediately afterwards by his twin-sister Lindsay. While growing up, Brett tried a variety of different activities from gymnastics to Boy Scouts.  He eventually stumbled upon a new love -- performing and theater -- and with that new love came direction and passion. 

While enrolled in Lakeland High School, Brett's theater interests grew. He performed not only in the school shows but also with several different performing troops in the local area. In the summer of 1999, Brett spent his first summer as an intern apprentice with the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. At the time, he had no idea he'd be returning for seven more summers with the Festival under such titles as: Actor, Understudy, Intern Stage Manager, Props Designer, Weapons Master, Fight Captain, Wardrobe Master, Dresser, Transportation, Dog Wrangler, Child Wrangler, Skunk Wrangler, Rodent and pest remover, grounds maintanence, catering, event planner ...  the list goes on and on...

 Brett graduated High School in 2001. While proud of his musical and dramatic beginnings, one of his favorite high school accomplishments was creating Lakeland High Schools first improv comedy troupe, "Wiggin' Out".  After the conclusion of another summer working with the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival he moved out to glorious Santa Fe, NM to start college.

College was a radical, explosive time. While immersed in the beautiful Santa Fe skyscape, Brett began a rigorous 4 year acting program. During those four years, he would not only perform in 15 plays, but he would also graduate in the top of his class, spend his 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th summer at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, lead several college performing groups and activity clubs, travel throughout Europe, study a semester in London, and discover his love of Backpacking. 

After Graduation and his 7th summer working for the Shakespeare Festival, Brett began to break into the New York City scene the way so many actors try, with summer stock gigs and non-union theater tours. Brett would spend a great part of the next two years on various tours across this great country. During the next two summers,  he was blessed with an unbelievable opportunity to perform Summer Stock in Grand Lake, Colorado, one of the most beautiful towns in America. Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater gave Brett the opportunity to play some incredible roles and reinvent himself -- John-Denver-style -- amidst the inspiring Rocky Mountains. Playing John Denver in Colorado, hours away from Aspen where John lived, proved to be one of the most special occasions of Brett’s life.

Over the past years since college, Brett’s insatiable wanderlust had been building up inside him. After the end of his second summer in Colorado, he jumped in his car, drove back to New York in less than 48 hours (a feat!), and left the following evening for a 25 hour flight to what would be the greatest adventure  of his life to date. He arrived alone in Bali, Indonesia with a backpack, a guidebook, a guitar he didn’t know how to play, and a return flight set four months in advance from Bangkok, Thailand. He would spend the next 4 months "improv"-ing a new backpacker's existence, living through a lifetime of dreams. He would travel from Indonesia to Malaysia, north through Thailand, all over Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia before finally returning to Thailand and then to America.

Upon returning to America, Brett moved to New York City and began establishing a New York City base. He has since been lucky enough to perform several dream roles including Radames in Elton John and Tim Rice’s “Aida”,  Tommy in “The Who’s Tommy”, Christ in "Superstar", and his favorite, Roger in "Rent". Still bitten by the travellers bug, Brett has kept moving, kept travelling. In recent years Brett has been all over America from Key West, FL to Seattle, WA. He has recently visited exotic Istanbul and India, and most wildly of all, in 2010 he and a tribe of friends made a pilgrimage to the 2010 Burning Man Festival. On his most recent trip Brett brought his girlfriend Kendra Payne backpacking across India where he asked his girlfriend to become his wife. Happily engaged Brett returned from India to perform in Rachel Rockwell's Hair at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, IL (a suburb of Chicago), a production which would earn him his Actors Equity Card and the nickname which he mostly goes by; "Shaggy". Most recently Brett moved to Avenue Q: adding "Puppets" to his list of special skills.


               Brett and Kendra were married surrounded by the greatest people on earth in a gorgeous hippie wedding with a music festival theme. The happy couple danced, hula hooped, drummed, and loved at what Brett describes as "the best party he's ever been to, and not just cause I threw it". Following their hippie feet and wildest dreams the couple traveled through Bali, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, living the majority of their hippie honeymoon in a van.

               Since marriage Shaggy and Kendra have been lucky enough to perform in two international tours of the Musical Hair, and most recently Shaggy has teamed up with the people at TAD management to perform such shows as "Tenors of Rock", "Roxy's Rock Revolution", "AbbaFab", "The Broadway Experience", and "The Glen Campbell Story" on cruise ships and in venues around the world.  

               In 2019 Kendra and Shaggy closed on a house right near the grounds of the Famous 1969 Woodstock Concert---Hippie ground zero!!! They plan on someday opening up a hippie flavored bed and breakfast to spread the Hippie Life even further.